Our Mission & Values

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Our Mission

Inspired by our Catholic faith and in partnership with our community, St Raphael’s School creates opportunities for students to be active learners and global citizens.

Our aim at St Raphael's School is to work in partnership with parents and the Church to prepare our students to participate confidently and successfully in our increasingly fast-paced society.

We focus on providing a well-rounded education that encourages students to prosper emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually within a supportive, collaborative and happy co-educational setting.

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Learning and Belonging

When you visit our school you may notice our school logo. This logo neatly encapsulates our vision for the school. We work hard to ensure that our school is a place where great learning happens and children feel like valued members of our community.

Here at St Raphael’s School helping our students to feel like they belong is of great importance to us.

There is a lot of evidence to show that children who feel they belong are happier, more relaxed and have fewer behavioural problems than others. It is this strong sense of belonging which aids children in the development of emotional resilience and improves their ability to learn.

This is the environment that we are continually striving to foster!

All children need to feel that their world is a safe place, this is common knowledge. Children want to be surrounded by people who care about them, where they are supported, respected and aided and where they are able to form meaningful friendships. When these needs are met children develop a sense of belonging.

Belonging (n) the state of being accepted and comfortable in a place or group.

Find Us

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