Parent Information

Parent Handbook

Please click the link below to view the 2019 Handbook

 Parent Handbook 2019 updated.pdf

School Hours

8:50am                                School commences

10:45am - 11:20am             Recess

12:50am - 1:00pm               Eating time

1:00pm - 1:35pm                 Lunch

3:10pm                                Dismissal

Office Hours

8:30am – 4:00pm during the school term

Term Dates 2019

Term 1        Tuesday 29 January        to           Friday 12 April

Term 2        Tuesday 30 April              to           Friday 5 July

Term 3        Monday 22 July               to           Friday 28 September

Term 4        Monday 15 October         to          Thursday 12 December 3:10pm

Pupil-free Days 2019

Term 2         Monday 29 April
Term 3         Friday 6 September
Term 4         Friday 13 December

Reporting an absence

It is vital that all parents/caregivers inform us before 9:00am when their child will be absent using one of the following methods:

To report an absence:

Phone:                   8272 2368

Skoolbag:             Submit Absentee Form (located under Parent Forms heading)


Non attendance

If a call or email has not been received, the school will contact the parents to ascertain the student’s whereabouts.

Late arrival

Students who arrive after 9:00am need to report to the office, with their parent/caregiver, who will need to complete a ‘late arrival slip’ for the student to give to their class teacher.

Early departure

Should any child need to leave the school grounds during school hours e.g. dental/doctor appointment, parental permission must be given. All students must be signed out of the school office by a parent/adult before leaving the school.

Kiss 'N' Drop Guidelines

The Kiss 'N' Drop zone can, at times, be very hectic and experience lots of high traffic movement! For the safety of all our pedestrians and vehicular traffic we ask that you follow these simple guidelines AT ALL TIMES when entering and exiting the Kiss 'N' Drop area.

  • Do not exceed the 5kph speed limit.
  • Always be alert for pedestrians, particularly at the entrance and exit and give way should they need to cross.
  • Please do not allow children to exit/enter while you are in the right hand over taking lane, move over to the left hand lane.
  • Children are to enter and alight from the left side of the car only.
  • Children must be able to get into the car and put on their own seat belt while the driver remains in the car.
  • If your child cannot alight from the car by themselves you will need to park in the surrounding streets and walk into the school.
  • For the sake of our neighbours and the Unley Council, please do not queue on Macklin St, please go around the block and queue on Kenilworth Road.
  • There are two gates along the Kiss 'N' Drop for students to enter the school.
  • Staff are on duty until 3:30pm. If you are unable to collect your child by this time please contact the school and your child will be  looked after in Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) until you arrive.  A minimal cost will occur for this service.
  • To ensure the smooth flow of traffic in this zone, please DO NOT leave your car unattended.

To all parents and carers, please be considerate of other users and remember that the KISS ‘N’ DROP is a NO PARKING ZONE.

Skoolbag Communication App

ScreenHunter_741 Jul. 04 10.35.jpg

Skoolbag is our fantastic communication App that lets us communicate with our families directly to their mobile device. This ensures you will always be immediately notified of any alerts at the school, excursion delays, up to date event information and receive general school/class updates. You are also able to complete absentee forms, view the canteen menu and sync our events straight in to your personal calendar!

To download the App, please open the file below and follow the instructions on how to download the free St Raphael's Skoolbag App directly on to your iPhone or Android.

Please note: Neither the Skoolbag App or the Qkr Apps require access to your personal contacts or photos to function.

At the start of each school year you will need to manually update the class information to ensure that you are receiving only the information that is relevant to your child/ren. This is easy to do!

In the bottom right corner on the Homepage of the App you will see three dots and 'More' written beneath. Click the 'More' button then click on 'Set up Push Notifications'. Here you will be able to select the class groups that you wish to receive information for as well as any additional interest areas, such as OSHC. Once you have made your selections, click 'Back' and your selections will be updated.

 Parent Instructions.pdf

Qkr Payment App

Qkr Logo.jpg

St Raphael's School offers a fast and secure school payment system using the Qkr App (pronounced quicker) by Mastercard. Qkr provides a safe and easy way for you to pay for school items from your phone at a time and place that suits you!

You are able to use the Qkr App to:

  • Order and pay for your child’s canteen lunches – no more filling out bags and scrounging for change!
  • Pay fees, excursions, event tickets, after school sport and more! You can even pay your Canberra Trip installments!
  • You can also see a list of all your receipts and send them via email if you need!

Getting started is easy! Get set-up now by following the easy instructions here or by clicking the link below.

Please Note: Secure payment is guaranteed through Mastercard and the Commonwealth Bank. The Qkr App and Skoolbag App do not require access to personal contacts or photos on your phone to function.

In addition, Apple does not allow the iPhone 4 (launched in 2010) to go beyond iOS 7 as an operating system, so this means that parents still using that model of phone will have to upgrade or switch phones if they wish to keep using the Qkr app on their mobile device. However, you can still use the Qkr website shown below to make payments to our school on any internet connected computer (note: Chrome or Firefox browsers preferred over Internet Explorer).

At this stage OSHC payments cannot be made using the QKR App.

At the beginning of 2017, changes were made to improve the process for password recovery. If you have any problems with your password, you are able to reset it using the process below:

1. Click on: . (You can also click on the 'Forgot Password' link in the app).

2. Click on 'Forgot Password'

3. Enter the registered email address and mobile number. Please ensure you add a ‘0’ in front of your mobile number. For eg: 04332xxxx

4. Answer your security question, you would have set this up during registration.

5. Set your new password.

Once done, you should be able to use your new details within the Qkr App.

Please let the office know if you have any issues while using any of our communication technology (Skoolbag App, Qkr App, Facebook, Twitter or wesbite) so that we can improve our service and ensure that improvements are made to assist all our users.

 Qkr Introduction.pdf

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