Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my child get priority access in to any secondary schools if they attend St Raphael's?


Your child will have guaranteed access to Mercedes College (providing the Mercedes' enrolment policy conditions are met) and priority access to Cabra Dominican College, St Mary's College, St Aloysius College, Rostrevor College, Sacred Heart College, Christian Brothers College (CBC), Nazareth, Loreto College, Saint Ignatius College, Mary MacKillop College and Blackfriars Priory School among others, in compliance with their enrolment criteria.

Do you have a mid-year intake for Reception students?


We are excited to be able to offer two intakes per year for children starting Reception.

The enrolment policy for Reception students operates within the following parameters:
•  The children starting in Reception in Term 3 will have a minimum of 6 terms in Reception.
•  The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 1 continues to be that the child will attain the age of 5 on or before 30 April in that year.
•  The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 3 is that the child will have attained the age of 5 on or before 31 October in that year.
•  Children whose birthday falls between 1 November and 31 December are not eligible to commence school before the following year.

What if we're not Catholic?

While many of our students are brought up in a traditional Catholic family, many families simply enjoy having their children educated in an environment that strongly encourages the basic family values of kindness, respect and compassion. 

As a Catholic school, we pride ourselves on being inclusive of all cultural, religious and economic backgrounds.

How do you help students transition (to or from) St Raphael's School?

To ensure that students starting in Reception get the smoothest transition possible in to our school, our Early Years teachers visit pre-schools the term before the child commences school. This gives the child a chance to meet the teacher in their environment prior to their first day at St Raphael's. This also assists teachers to gather any important information from pre-school/kindergarten teachers that can assist your child in the transition to school and aid in their learning.

Orientation/Transition visits are organised and new students visit the school at least twice before they commence. This allows the children to become familiar with their new environment and meet their teacher in the classroom.

We also hold a parent information session during these orientation visits to provide parents with all the information they may need and answer any questions they may have.

Children coming in to St Raphael's in other year levels at various times of the year are also supported to assist them in transitioning to our school. They are able to have transition visits (if time permits) and are allocated buddies to help them to feel supported and comfortable in this new environment.

Our Middle School teachers also assist our students in their transition to high school as is required.

Do you have composite classes?


On the occasions where numbers dictate that we need to have composite classes, we find they really work in our school community.

Let’s face it….essentially all classes are composite classes. There is no class that is full of kids at the same level who all require the same things. Each class contains a range of ages, abilities, personalities and maturity levels.

Parents concerned about composite classes should be reassured that learning at St Raphael’s School occurs individually, in small groups and as a whole class. Engaged students will learn whether the class is structured by age, grade, ability or as some form composite class.

When do students transition to secondary school?

Catholic Education SA has recently announced their intentions to transition Year 7 students to secondary school settings. For most Catholic primary schools, this transition will commence in 2019. We successfully applied for a 1 year exemption allowing Year 7s to remain at St Raphael's for 2019. From 2020, St Raphael's School will offer Reception to Year 6 in line with other Catholic primary schools.

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