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The St Raphael’s School canteen, is open Thursdays and Fridays during the school term.  The school canteen offers healthy eating options as well as a range of gluten free foods. We are guided by the Right Bite Education Guidelines in the food options that are available through our canteen.

Our Canteen Manager, Emma Alexander, always has fruit muffins in the oven or wholesome soups bubbling away on the stove! She is strongly focused on providing healthy options that keep the tough taste-testers happy! She is also known to be a bit sneaky, hiding veggies in most of her recipes! Don't tell the kids though!

No Nut Policy

St Raphael’s School is a nut free school (of most importance is no peanuts or peanut based products at all).

Nut products or foods containing traces of nuts are not to be sold in our canteen, and will not be used in class cooking activities and should not be brought to school by any child.

Even if children are allowed nut products at home (e.g. peanut paste, Nutella), parents are requested not to send these to school as children may innocently share with another who suffers a severe allergy – and that can be life threatening.


A copy of the canteen price list is sent out to parents via our Skoolbag Parent Communication App as the new list is released. 

Hard copies are available from the canteen if you need one or click the link below to view the current list!

Don't forget that you can easily order online via our QKR App!

 Winter Menu Term 3.pdf

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