Physical Education


By aligning with our school curriculum requirements, our Health and Physical Education (P.E.) program offers practical learning, with a content that is relevant, engaging, contemporary, physically active, enjoyable and developmentally appropriate.

Our specialist P.E. teacher incorporates a variety of different sports into her programming to ensure that most of our children will be able to find something suitable to their needs. Martial Arts is always a popular inclusion and one that teaches our students some valuable physical, social and life skills.

A comprehensive program of activities which focus on fundamental movement skills are conducted through weekly physical education lessons. Children in junior primary are provided with skills in ball handling, movement, co-operation and basic sport and athletics skills. Middle to senior primary children are involved in more advanced skill sessions, theory and modified games (game sense).

Water safety is a crucial element of the P.E. program. Water safety and swimming lessons are undertaken in a block of consecutive days during the year and attendance in this element is mandatory.

One of the highlights on our school calendar would have to be our annual Sports Day! We hold a twilight Sports Day to both protect our children from the midday sun and to provide an event that is somewhat easier for our working parents to attend. Children are allocated to a house team upon commencement at the school and they stay in these teams through their time at St Raphael’s. The older children are encouraged to take on leadership roles within these teams. We recognize that leadership qualities can be demonstrated by the quietest student when given the right opportunities!

Children are required to wear sports uniform when participating in P.E. activities or representing the school at sporting fixtures.

Classroom teachers conduct a program of regular fitness activities.

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