Access to Technology to Support Education


For a small school, our students definitely don't miss out in the technology department!

Information Technology is integral to student learning at St Raphael’s. Here are some of our technology facts and stats:

  • Our entire school operates on a wireless network system
  • Every class room has an interactive white board while our Year 7s also have access to a Smart Board in their classroom.
  • All of our students have access to computers, laptops and iPads to aid in their learning
  • Our early years students (R-4) have access to a large pool of iPads to share.
  • Our Year 2s have desktop computers in their classroom to support their learning.
  • Our Year 3 and 4 classes share a bank of laptops which has enough units to ensure each student in the class has access to a laptop when needed
  • In our  Middle School (Yr 5-7) the laptop to student ratio is 1:1 ensuring that all students have access to laptops in every lesson if required.
  • We have a 3D printer on site to support learning initiatives.

Parents do not need to pay additional fees for tech items as funding for technology is covered through our resource fees. All tech items are secured on site overnight to ensure that they are always fully charged, to reduce risks when travelling between school and home and to give students and parents a break from screens.

Robotics and Coding

Robotics 005.JPG

At St Raph’s our students are introduced to robotics and coding from Reception level. These tools really trigger student engagement and encourage learning through real-life problem solving. Our robotics 'fleet' helps our students master concepts in the key areas of technology, science and maths.

At Reception level, students start off with our gorgeous Bee-bots to learn the fundamentals of coding in a fun and interactive lesson environment. The smiley little Bee-bots can be easily programmed and teach sequencing, estimation, problem solving and collaboration.

By Year 3, students are ready to move up to our cool Pro-bot racing cars! Commands are entered on the keypad or online and downloaded on to the car. Pro-bots can hold a felt-tip pen allowing it to draw as it moves which can add an art/design element. In-built sensors also increase the programming challenges and create a really enjoyable robotic experience for our students.

By Year 5, students step up to our Edison Robots which are Lego compatible and activated by barcodes. These robots can detect obstacles, follow lines, sense lights and respond to sound and even learn commands from just about any standard TV/DVD remote control. What this means is that students can program their robot to follow a torch light, respond to clapping, avoid obstacles or even have a sumo battle!

By Year 6 and 7 students move on to Lego Mindstorm! Mindstorm lets our students create and command robots that walk, talk, think and do anything that they can imagine!

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