Animal Themed Art Masterclasses

These free masterclasses are for all children between 4 and 12 years old to enjoy with a parent or guardian. All three masterclasses will be held at St Raphael’s School in Parkside on Wednesday 14 April and facilitated by our professional artist and illustrator Lauren Herraman.

All participants will create their own artwork to take home and be inspired to continue creating with confidence.

Registrations are essential as places are limited. Please use the form at the end of this page to secure your place.

Animal Mash Ups workshop (7).JPG

Animal MashUps

4-6yrs – 9:30am – 10:30am

Love art? Love animals? Then your creative skills will come alive as you have a blast making animal themed artworks. You will be taught drawing techniques using pens, pencils and watercolours. You'll also walk away with an amazing, colourful animal artwork to hang on your wall, and the inspiration to keep creating with confidence.

Animal MashUps
Magnificent Mixed Up Marsupials
Mixed Up Marsupial.JPG

Magnificent Mixed Up Marsupials

7-9yrs – 11am – midday

Australian marsupials sure are an interesting bunch aren’t they? Have you ever noticed how they look like a combination of various animals from around the world? This class will give you the chance to have fun exploring and inventing your own Magnificent Mixed Up Marsupial creation. You will be taught drawing techniques using pens, pencils, crayons and watercolours.  Be inspired by the muddled up platypus, who looks like a duck, otter and a beaver. Or our humble little wombat friend, who is a mix of a bear and pig. We can’t wait to see what wild and unique marsupials you conjure up!

Animal Self Portraits  (3).JPG

Animal Self Portraits

10–12yrs - 1pm - 2pm

Ever imagined what you would look like as an animal? This class will give you the chance to explore and create a portrait of yourself as your favourite animal. You will be taught drawing techniques using pens, pencils, crayons and watercolours. Get ready to shake your tail feathers and practice your loudest ROAR as your animal jungle comes alive.

Animal Self Portraits
Teacher: Lauren Herraman

Teacher: Lauren Herraman

Professional artist and illustrator

Lauren Herraman is a local Adelaide artist with her own illustration business:  Lauren Herraman Illustrations. With watercolour, pen and pencils as her tools, Lauren creates beautiful, genuine hand drawn work that is inspired by nature, animals, people and children’s books. This can be seen with her beautiful animal representations of our Learner Dispositions. Lauren's illustrations are playful, light-hearted and whimsical with enchanting characters full of expression, movement and colour. 

A large part of what Lauren does revolves around running art workshops for children. She teaches essential creative skills as well as inspiring her students to enjoy and celebrate their unique form of expression. For almost three years she has been teaching St Raphael’s after school art class. These lessons are always lively, entertaining, engaging and bursting with creativity as the student’s skills improve and their confidence flourishes. 

Registrations are now closed and all spots are filled. Thank you for your support.

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