Newsletter 11 2022
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Important Dates

School Disco

Friday 5 August

Cross Country Carnival

Thursday 11 August

Book Fair commences

Wednesday 17 August

Catholic Schools Open Week

Monday 22 August

Book Week commences

Monday 22 August

Instrumental Music Night

Tuesday 23 August

Father's Day Stall

Thursday 1 September

Father's Day Liturgy

Friday 2 September

Japanese Spring Festival

Thursday 15 September

School Photos

Friday 23 September

Mercy Week commences

Monday 26 September

Mercy Week Stalls

Tuesday 27 September

Mercy Day Mass and Monastery Visit

Friday 30 September

Trivia Night

Our Trivia Night is on Saturday 20 August. 

We are super excited to host this major event for our school and wider community. Tickets are on sale now for just $10 through Humantix here and more information is included in this newsletter.

School Hats

Students must wear hats during recess, lunch and outdoor activities from 1 August to 30 April. 
Students are not required to wear hats during winter, but caution is urged during May to July should the UV alert rise above 3 on any day.

Macklin Street

Please be respectful of our neighbours in Macklin Street and do not park your cars in no parking zones, over driveways or in private car parks.  Unley Council is aware of recent problems neighbours have experienced and will be monitoring the area.

Thank you.

Parish Bulletin

Please enjoy reading the latest Parish Bulletin which is available here.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Jessica S, Leo P, Caroline S, Kyle C, Joshua V, Georgia A, Nicholas P, Senul R, Sanuli R and Luella R who have completed their challege.

ADHD Conference

The first South Australia ADHD Conference will be held on Saturday 13 August at the Adelaide Convention Centre. 

More information is available here

Scholastic Bookclubs Issue 5 orders are due by 14 August 2022.  We are unable to accept late orders.