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The wearing of our school uniform is an expectation at St Raphael's School.  The school uniform, as well as being attractive and practical, helps to develop a sense of belonging and pride in our school. 



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Pinafore - up to size 14 (R-3)
Pleated skirt - size 10 up (Yr4-7)
(Fabric Description)  Light grey with pale blue and navy stripe.
Shirt:                         Sky blue long sleeve
Jumper:                     V-neck navy blue
Tie:                            Cross-over Tie
Socks:                       Grey ankle length or grey tights.
Shoes:                       Black leather lace up school shoe, black buckle school shoe or black velcro school shoe
Additional item:         Blue trousers


Shirt:                        Blue long sleeve jac shirt with school monogram
Jumper:                   V-neck navy blue
Trousers:                 Grey school trousers
Socks:                     Grey ankle length
Shoes:                     Black leather lace up school shoe or black velcro school shoe




Dress:                     TAB Front - Mid blue pin-striped dress.
Shoes:                    Black leather school shoes or brown school sandals.
Socks:                     White ankle length with shoes, no socks with sandals
Additional items:     Skort (to be worn with short sleeve shirt)


Shorts:                    Blue school shorts.
Shirts:                     Sky blue - short sleeve, jac shirt with school monogram
Socks:                    Grey – with shoes only
Shoes:                    Black leather school shoes or brown school sandals.



Shirts:                  Double blue striped polo-shirt with school monogram
Shorts/Pants:      Navy sports shorts with school monogram
                            Navy track pants (plain no brand name visible)
Shoes:                 Sandshoes – predominately white with white shoe laces
Socks:                  Plain white which cover the ankle (no logos)
Jumper:               Windcheater with school monogram

Please note the following uniform requirements

  • Nail polish must not be worn at school
  • Hair if longer than collar length, must be tied back for safety.
  • Make-up is not to be worn at school.
  • Jewellery: Students are not permitted to wear jewellery at school for both safety and security reasons.

The only exceptions are:

  • Earrings for pierced ears – must be plain sleepers or studs, no more than one in each ear.
  • Religious pendants – these must be simple designs and may be worn under the uniform and out of site to ensure safety.
  • Watches may be worn - neutral colours and designs.
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Changes to our School Uniform

All changes to our school uniform need to be approved by our school Board. If you have any questions regarding additional items of uniform, please speak to a Board Member or our Principal so your request can be tabled at the next meeting.

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