Book Club Playgroup

In our bright and air conditioned library we invite you to help develop your child’s love and understanding of learning each Wednesday morning.

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Come and join our new, free Playgroup.

Each week we will choose a different picture book to read to the group.

Based on the chosen book children will take part in craft activities, creative play, singing, and ‘a discussing the book session’ with lots of time for free play.

  • Play is essential to the development of young children. When your child is given opportunities to explore, invent, reason and problem solve they are more able to understand the world.
  • Allowing them to explore a great picture book with a variety of activities in a group setting and led by our school staff will encourage your child's curiosity and hunger to learn.
  • With up to 85% of a baby's brain development occurring in the first three years, it's important we interact and engage early on.

Our Playgroup is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all families and children and is a great opportunity to socialise and build friendships. So much fun while you help you child to learn through play.

Our Playgroup runs on Wednesdays from 9.15am-10.30am in school term.


Children birth to school age are welcome.

Please bring a healthy fruit or vegetable snack for your child.

There is no need to register prior to attending a session, just come along on the day.

For more information please contact us on or call us on 8274 4900

Due to our current redevelopment we ask that you enter via our gates on Macklin St - please press our intercom so we can let you in. Parking is on the surrounding streets, please take note of the various parking signs.

St Raphael’s School Book Club Playgroup is fully affiliated with the Playgroup Association SA.

Catholic Education South Australia is a member of the Early Years Taskforce and our Book Club Playgroup is part of the SPiCE Playgroup program with CESA.

St Raphael's School is committed to the WORDS GROW MINDS campaign.



Example of a typical Book Club Playgroup adventure.

With "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"!

Story Time

We started by reading the story together, captivating the children's imaginations as we followed Goldilocks on her adventure. The little ones were enthralled, eager to find out what would happen next.

Sensory Oats

After the story, the children got to experience the textures and sizes of "porridge" for themselves. We set up a sensory activity with oats, allowing the kids to feel the different bowl sizes and explore the soothing, tactile experience.

Acting it Out

The fun continued as the children took on the roles of the three bears and Goldilocks, acting out the story with enthusiasm and creativity. Laughter and giggles filled the room as they brought the characters to life.

Other Activities

In addition to the Goldilocks theme, we had several other engaging activities set up:

Can you make a rainbow? - Using Lego blocks, the children practiced their color recognition and categorization skills.

What can you trace? - The children explored pre-writing skills by creating patterns in salt.

Let's make pizza! - A hands-on activity that allowed the little ones to practice their fine motor skills while creating their own mini pizzas.

Spontaneous Play

Throughout the session, the children also had the opportunity to freely explore a sensory ball pit, mat rolling, and tent play, encouraging their natural curiosity and imagination.

It is a truly delightful morning filled with learning, creativity, and lots of fun! 

Example of a typical Book Club Playgroup adventure.