Little Raph's Extended Transition

The Little Raph’s Extended Transition Program is a valuable resource designed to aid young children in transitioning from kindergarten to school. This optional program, facilitated by our dedicated Reception teacher Tia Della Pace, spans one and a half terms and takes place every Tuesday morning in the school library.


Who is Little Raph’s for?

This program is tailored for students embarking on their Reception year, whether they are commencing at the beginning of the academic year or joining our mid-year Reception intake. The sessions, scheduled from 9:15am to 11:30am on Tuesdays, focus on instilling essential school readiness skills. Children participate in activities that enhance their literacy, numeracy, and fine motor abilities, preparing them for a successful transition to school life.


What will your child learn?

Through engaging in small group work, carpet time, and exploration of various school facilities like the classroom, Italian Room, Music Room, Hall, and playgrounds, children become familiar with the school environment. Additionally, the program facilitates the development of friendships among the students who will be starting school together. By fostering relationships through play-based experiences, Little Raph’s ensures that children feel more comfortable and confident as they embark on their educational journey. For further information on how your child can benefit from Little Raph’s Extended Transition Program, reach out to us at 8274 4900 or via email at