Catholic Education South Australia

Our People

There is a team behind the schooling of your child, a team who knows your child by name.

Leadership Team

Principal - Mia Harms

Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission - Sue Coghlan

Assistant Principal Director of Learning - Marianne Farrugia


Specialist Teachers

Languages (Japanese) - Reena Aftab

Inclusive Education/Literacy Coordinator - Angela Keam

Physical Education - Jeanette Archer

Performing Arts/Music Program - Amanda Rugari


Classroom Teachers

Reception/Year 1 - Louise Rowson

Year 1-2DP - Kelly Davies and Julie Purdie

Year 3M - Maria Marzilli

Year 4S - Anthony Sicari

Year 5M - David Monti

Year 6DA - Clare Deverson and Jeanette Archer

Educational Support Staff

School Finance Officer - Jodi Jansons

Secretary - Denise D’Alessandro

Library Technician and Educational Support Officer - Wendy Davey

Educational Support Officer / Playgroup Coordinator - Rita D’Aloia

OSHC Coordinator - Anne O’Connell

Educational Support Officer - Deb Parker

Canteen Manager - Emma Alexander