Our People

"It's the best decision I made here in Australia, to enrol my kids to this school because I really love the small community. Each one of them knows the others by their name, even the Reception knows, the Year 6's and the Year 5's. I really love that."

Sathitha parent at St Raphael's School

There is a team behind the schooling of your child, a team who knows your child by name.


Leadership Team

Principal - Emma Fowler

Assistant Principal Leader of Learning and Learning Diversity - Anthony Sicari

Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission - Tanya Stott



Specialist Teachers

Literacy Intervention - Deb Parker

Numeracy Intervention - Julie Purdie

STEM/Languages (Italian) - Lucia Mitchell

Physical Education - Corey Tucker

Performing Arts/Music Program - Amanda Flynn 

Classroom Teachers

Reception - Tia Della Pace

Year 1 - Meeying Lee

Year 2 - Janelle Scrivener

Year 3/4 - Christopher Uzzell

Year 5/6 - Jodi Hamilton

Year 5/6 - Tom Baxter


Educational Support Staff

School Finance Officer - Damian Emery

Secretary - Wendy Davey

Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator – Katrina Tucker

Library Technician  - Wendy Davey

OSHC Director - Charlotte Robinson and Jeanette Archer

Educational Support Officers - Debbie Parker, Wendy Davey, Charlotte Robinson, Amy Pelligrini, Verity Arthur and Jacinta Nye

EALD Teacher (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) - Anne Terminello

School Counsellor - Sarah Byrnes

Wellbeing Officer - Amy Pelligrini

Educational Support Staff

Thank you to all of our wonderful and dedicated staff, from all the learners at St Raphael’s’ School. We feel proud to be a part of the St Raphael’s School community where learning and belonging matters.

See our letters of thanks here.