Key Capabilities


Living Learning Leading Framework

Everything we do at St Raphael’s School is underpinned by Catholic Education South Australian’s Living Leading Learning Framework

We believe:

  • Every child has the right to thrive in our community
  • Each child is a capable learner 
  • Each child can be a leader for the world God desires.

These beliefs form the foundation of the way we teach, the way we use curriculum and the opportunities we provide for our students to develop their key capabilities and learner agency.

Living Learning Leading Framework

Key Capabilities

Whilst each learning area is important and valuable, we believe that the development of capabilities are vital to living a full and meaningful life.

Recognising and developing their capabilities enables St Raphael’s students to be comfortable and confident in who they are and ready to make a difference in our world.

Through carefully designed learning experiences within school, as well as the myriad of other learning experiences children engage in beyond school, our students are supported to develop, reflect on and evidence their capabilities as:

  • Self-aware, collaborative and socially adept
  • Knowledgeable, inquisitive and innovative
  • Intercultural and globally minded
  • Literate, numerate and effective communicators
  • Confident and careful users of ICTs
  • Spiritually aware and inspired by faith
  • Moral, compassionate and ecologically aware

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