Learner Dispositions

At St Raphael’s School we believe learners learn best when they can articulate, reflect on, and have agency in their learning.

We want our learners to know how to take charge of their own learning and to ‘know what to do when they don’t know what to do’.

To support this we identified five learner dispositions that can be further developed to help our learners be the best they can be. These dispositions are explicitly taught at St Raphael's School and learners are supported to use and grow them.

The process of identifying these ‘top five’ learning dispositions took place over the later part of 2020 in a collaborative process with our school community including students, teachers and families. We would especially like to thank Amy, mother of Leo T, who very generously designed our poster.  Thanks also goes to Lauren Herraman, our after-school art teacher, who worked with student representatives to design our gorgeous characters.

We encourage all our families to continue to partner with us in developing your children as curious, resilient, thoughtful, responsible, and collaborative learners.  

St Raphael's School Learner Dispositions

St Raphael's School Learner Dispositions

Growing our Learner Dispositions

Thank you to our learners for explaining in this video the value of their Learner Dispositions and how they are already using them to help their learning.

Learner dispositions poster.jpg

Please download a copy of this valuable resource for use at home.

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Our launch

We officially launched our Learner Dispositions in March 2021.

To celebrate this launch our students received a gift bag containing some flower seeds and an orange to remind us how we can grow our dispositions and how they come together like the segments of an orange to make us better learners.  The gift bags also contained a fridge magnet of the dispositions poster to take home.  This will help us in building a consistent language of learning between home and school.

St Raphael's School would like to thank Foodland Pasadena and Bunnings Kent Town for their generous support.


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