“I feel really excited to go to St Raphael’s. I’ll go to assembly. That means I get a little song. When the teacher rings the bell the children say ‘1, 2 eyes on you’. They have new shovels in the sandpit and they have a great sandpit. I have already made friends with Jake, Isla and Samuel. My brother Mathew is at St Raphael’s as well. I love St Raphael’s it’s the best thing in the world!”

Little Raph’s graduate Daniel

St Raphael’s School Reception

As a student in Reception at St Raphael’s School, your child will develop fundamental skills in thinking and curiosity, through play based learning.

Priority is given to literacy and numeracy development as these are the foundations upon which further learning is built. Opportunities to develop these skills are provided across all other learning areas including our specialist areas of Japanese, The Arts and P.E.

Please consult the St Raphael’s School Curriculum for our full scope of opportunities.

Enrolling your child at St Raphael’s School allows them to LEARN and BELONG in our supportive community.

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Mid-year Reception intake

Mid-Year Reception Intake Mid-Year Reception Intake When your child starts in the St Raphael's School mid-year Reception intake they will engage in 18 months of Reception learning. Our mid-year intake is available for children who turn five during the period 1 May to 31 October. Our decision to offer a Mid-Year Reception Intake is backed by research emphasising the benefits of high-quality early learning experiences. Find out more about our mid-year Reception intake.

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Little Raph's Extended Transition Program

The Little Raph’s Extended Transition Program is a valuable resource designed to aid young children in transitioning from kindergarten to school. This optional program, facilitated by our dedicated Reception teacher Tia Della Pace, spans one and a half terms and takes place every Tuesday morning in the school library.

For more information on our extended transition program.