Leadership Roles

At St Raphael’s School students participate in Leadership Roles as part of their commitment to be thriving people, capable learners and leaders for the world God desires.

Student Voice

Each class elects two representatives to give voice to the 'needs and wants' of our students. These elected Student Voice Representatives meet with our leadership team to action strategies that talk to the 'needs and wants' of our students, and further enrich school life.

Ambassadors Program

Two of our Year 6 leaders are chosen to represent our school as School Ambassadors.

This role comprises:

  • promoting the school in a positive manner at formal and informal events
  • promoting our school's Learner Dispositions
  • assisting with the running and organisation of assemblies
  • acting as guides for school visitors including our Principal’s Tours
  • meeting with staff Leadership as required
  • speaking publicly at school events


Student Leadership Roles

This is an opportunity for our students to contribute to our school community in a positive way by taking on the responsibility of spreading knowledge through inspiration, teaching and events.

Leadership roles are granted through a voting process. Our Year 5 students submit nominations and make a presentation to our school community about  how they will lead others across the year while using and strengthening their own capabilities in their nominated leadership role. Our school community then votes and the roles are assigned for the following year. 

Leadership roles include:

  • STEM leaders
  • Environmentalists
  • Sustainability
  • IT and Multimedia
  • Educators
  • Audio Visual and Assembly Support
  • LOFT Support
  • Sport Leaders
  • Office Support
  • Social Justice
  • Reporters
  • Visual Art Support


McAuley Award

The McAuley Award is given each year to graduating students who display successful work practices and demonstrate sound leadership skills throughout their years at St Raphael’s School. This award is named after Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy. Catherine’s example is encouraging and empowering. She had a great desire to support the poor, the sick and the uneducated. She followed her heart and trusted in God. Find out more about our Mercy Values.