We work hard to create an environment where we develop the whole child, to lead positive change for the world God desires.

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Give your child a bright and inspired start at St Raphael’s School. We support and champion our students to take charge of their learning, to know what to do when they don’t know what to do, and to be at the helm of their successful futures.

St Raphael’s School believes that cultivating a love of reading is paramount in supporting children to reach their full potential. Principal Emma Fowler emphasises the importance of instilling this passion for reading early on, recognising it as one of the greatest gifts parents can offer their children. In an era dominated by screens, the school understands the need to provide a compelling alternative. It firmly believes that immersing oneself in a book is the key to unlocking success in an overstimulated world.

We are a small quality school with all the benefits of a large school, offering multisensory literacy programs, numeracy programs that extend our students' abilities, and the use of an on-site sensory suite. Our robust teaching and range of extra curricular activities allow our students to become well-rounded, socially active graduates who take on secondary school with enthusiasm. We are proud of our co-educational school from Reception to Year 6, on bustling Glen Osmond Road in Parkside. Come for a tour, we can’t wait to meet you! 

The top three reasons our families choose us are:

  1. Our warm community makes children feel safe and valued.
  2. Our staff know the children personally, and ensure academic success.
  3. Our expectations on behaviour, strong social skills, and respect to all members of the community are valued.

"The best part of teaching is seeing the sheer joy on children’s faces. Their smiles are infectious and being able to see the world through their eyes is a precious gift, one that I treasure. I strongly believe that every child deserves a quality education, and I am passionate about making this happen for each and every child. I am future focussed and believe every child should be equipped with the skills they need to thrive in an unknown future hence my interest in emerging technologies.'" Emma Fowler Principal

"I've had a real sense of community here. All the mums and dads get on, it's a nice size where you get to know everybody, and it's a great location. You're near the Glen Osmond Rd, the main artery into town and there's a really great community vibe here."

Susannah parent at St Raphael's School

A real sense of community