"St Raphael’s is a genuine community. It’s so nice coming to a place each morning where the children look you in the eye and say hello. My own children feel free to be themselves at school, and have developed a true understanding of the value of everyone, regardless of our skills, abilities or challenges. They are encouraged to be their best selves, and in turn we’ve watched them become confident, compassionate small humans."

Kylie, Parent


St Raphael's School is a place of rich community.

Our students all know one another by name and all are accepted for who they are. We value our connectedness and appreciate the unique contributions that each student and family bring to make St Raphael's School a rich and vibrant community.

For general school information such as bell times, the process to report an absence, our communications chart, a copy of our Parent Handbook and Prospectus, along with details about volunteering at school, our Parent and Friends Committee and CESA's Parents Group, please refer to our community/general-school-information page.

“Our child Fred has grown as a person and leader through his time at St Raphael’s. He is encouraged to speak at assembly, present to his peers and learn through being challenged. The small and personal environment within the school has enabled Fred to feel comfortable and confident allowing for growth in all areas of his development."

Amelia and Andrew, Parents