"I think the best thing about St Raphael's for me and for my family is the attention and focus on each individual child. Class sizes are small, so teachers have the capacity to reach every student."

Adele parent at St Raphael's School

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At St Raphael's School we believe every child is a capable and competent learner.

We work with our learners and their families to ensure every child can access their learning, progress their learning, celebrate achievement and thrive in our community.


We know that children learn in different ways and at different rates and we provide learning opportunities to cater for the needs of our learners.

Our staff are continually engaging in professional learning in order to ensure our teaching and learning is contemporary, research- informed and evidence- based.  

We want every child to thrive at St Raphael's School.

"We want our learners to know how to take charge of their own learning and to ‘know what to do when they do not know what to do'."

Attention and focus on each individual child